Currency Management

APS provides a first rate Total Currency Management service which implements world’s best practice methodology.

Because our Clients have different requirements & know their business best we discuss their individual needs with them before tailoring a service that suits.

We are happy to provide anything from a complete service where we collect, count, process & then bank on behalf of the Client, to any part of this that is suitable for the Clients needs.

To ensure accuracy, we utilse commercial counting machines & all figures are cross checked at specific stages of the process.

We provide daily reconciliations which can be as detailed as the Client desires, right down to the totals of each denomination counted.

How it works:

All cash is sealed upon collection by APS with tamperproof individually numbered seals & these seals are only broken under camera, as all cash handling is conducted under video surveillance.

The data is entered in both electronic & hardcopy form at the time the cash is counted.  If the cash comes from machines & needs to remain separated into individual amounts when counted, these individual figures are recorded & provided as separate amounts on the reconciliation sheet, along with the total.

The cash is prepared for banking according to the business practice of the banks & is then either deposited directly into the Clients nominated account or into an APS trust account & electronically transferred overnight.

The reconciliation is provided on the day of deposit via e-mail to the Clients nominated person/s.

For more detailed information about the services we provide and how we can be of assistance to you or your organisation please view the other pages on our website or contact us.